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Partner 1 Name *
Partner 1 Name
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Partner 2 Name
Wedding date *
Wedding date
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Photography start time
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Photography end time
This should be the same as our contract. Please let me know if you need additional time so I can adjust your contract and invoice.
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Reception Location
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Ceremony Location
Day of Coordinator/Planner's name *
Day of Coordinator/Planner's name
If you don't have a planner, please designate a close family member or someone in the wedding party to be your point of contact for the day.
Day of Coordinator/Planner's cell number *
Day of Coordinator/Planner's cell number
Mailing address after the wedding
Mailing address after the wedding
Please include your timeline for the WHOLE day, not just my photography coverage. Often I like to get to a venue early to scout out locations and get ready, and I want to make sure that I'm not in the way!
Please list all portraits you would like made during our scheduled portrait time(s). Include names and their relation to you/your partner. If it's easier, please email a pdf/doc/google sheet to I'll arrange these in order of most efficiency (ie, so y'all can get to celebrating faster) Example: Allie (bride) + Brian (groom) + Gail (Allie's mom)
I do my best to capture many details and guests at your wedding. It's really helpful to know things like: "I'm wearing my grandmother's necklace" OR "My parents are divorced and cannot be in the same photo together" OR "We really really really want a photo of the buffet"